Current Transformer Calibration Switch (CTCS)
Meant for testing of instrument-class current transformers, CTCS includes input scaling converters (instrument CTs) and commutation unit.
Current clamps
Current clamps (AC current sensors) are used as scaling converters (current to voltage conversion) for contactless AC current measurements within ...
TMBD for transformer burden measurement
TMBD serves for measuring load power of the transformer under test...
Photoelectric scanning heads
Photoelectric scanning heads of two types are available: SH-I and SH-E.
Pulse Former
Pulse Former (PF) is an auxiliary device for testing energy meters.
Console unit PU-1-220
As part of HSCS High-Voltage Single-phase Calibration Set, the Console Unit is placed in a plastic case with a convenient carry handle.
Rechargeable Power Supply + Power Adapter
RPS is charged from mains (85…264V, 50 ± 5Hz) via 220/16V Power Adapter from the delivery package.
Test Bench
Three-position Test Bench for simultaneous testing of up to 3 meters.
Computer Vision Based testing solution