MTS-ME 3.3T1-P / 3.1KM-P

Portable test system for automatic on-site or laboratory testing of electric energy meters

ACCURACY CLASSES: 0.02, 0.05, 0.1



Portable test systems are suitable for on-site or in-lab automatic testing of:

  • Single / or three-phase transformer-operated electric energy meters of 0.2S accuracy class or less accurate
  • Single / or three-phase watt meters, varmeters, phase-angle and frequency meters
  • Voltmeters and ammeters
  • Power quality analysers

Field of application

  • National centers for testing and certification
  • Industrial metrological labs on power supplier/consumer side
  • ME-Audit high-voltage mobile laboratories

The test systems can contain the following components:

  • Portable reference standard Energomonitor 3.3T1-C or Energomonitor 3.1KM
  • Portable Programmable Current and Voltage Source Energoforma 3.3 (7.7A)

Note! We offer various training programs for users of Mars-Energo instruments and software.

Components and accessories:

Reference meter
(accuracy class 0.02, 0.05)
Pulse Former
Pulse Former (PF) is an auxiliary device for testing energy meters.
Photoelectric scanning heads
Photoelectric scanning heads of two types are available: SH-I and SH-E.