KSP-61850 is meant for testing and calibration of electronic transformers designed in conformity with IEC 60044-7-2010 and IEC 60044-8-2010 standards. The purpose of KSP-61850 is to convert (considering scaling factors), measure and compare signals (including IEC 61850-9-2LE signals) from analogue or digital outputs of electronic current (up to 5 kA) and voltage (up to 220, 330 kV) transformers.


1. Equipment for testing voltage and current transformers - High-Voltage module
  1. High Voltage Source
  2. Reference Voltage Transducer CHVT-220 (accuracy 0.05) or Reference Voltage Transformer from EPRO (accuracy 0.01)
2. Equipment for testing voltage and current transformers - Low-Voltage module

For laboratory use: single-phase Digital Calibration System DCS ME 61850 (vectorized quantities, comparison principle); accuracy class 0.02, 
or For on-site use: portable Energomonitor 61850 (8-channel; multi-functional); accuracy class 0.05.

3. Equipment for testing current transformers - High-Voltage module
  1. Source of test current
  2. Reference current transformer TTIP (accuracy 0.05) or reference current transformer from EPRO (accuracy 0.01)